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Linkin Park Icontest

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A Linkin Park icon challenge community

Welcome to linkinparktest,
a Linkin Park-themed icontest community originally founded by charmingholly.

Challenges are posted every Monday and end on Sunday. Icon submissions are then posted and members vote on them by using the given form. All votes are screened and can only be seen by the moderators. After the votes are tallied the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd place plus best coloring, most original, or mod's choice) are posted. Winners will also receive banners featuring their icon.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact minuh.
If you have any suggestions for community improvement, comment here.

Community rules
Please read the following before participating.

  · Joining/friending is not necessary in order to enter a challenge or vote, but deeply appreciated.
  · Voting anonymously is not permitted.
  · Do not take icons from this community without permission, but feel free to ask.
  · If an iconmaker permits you to snag their icon, please credit them.

Challenge rules
Please read the following before entering our challenges.

  · Creating new icons for our challenges is a strongly encouraged.
  · Submit your icons like so.
  · It is frowned upon that you post the icons entered here anywhere else before voting is closed.
  · If you entered an icon, you must vote. Do not vote for yourself.
  · Encouraging your friends to vote is great! Encouraging your friends to vote for you, however, will
  · get you disqualified.
  · Submitting other people's icons is not cool. You will be banned.
  · Icons must meet LJ standards; 100x100 pixels and 40kb in size.
  · The rules for every challenge are posted at the bottom of the entry. Make sure to read them
  · before entering.

  · minuh / Mina, moderator.
  · triplestage / Becca, moderator.
  · cici_chan / Cici, moderator.
  · aswarmofsharks / Cindy, moderator.
  · pdgblossom / Marina, banner-maker.
  · gettingdrastic / Lisa, banner-maker.

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